Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nobody faint. That is if I have anyone still following this old blog of mine. I know it has been months and months since my last real blog post. I am not calling this a lesson. My dislike of that word, founded this summer, is a revelation for another post. I did gain a new understanding of the need not to condemn or hold people in contempt today. I have been meditating that as I read through Dallas Willard's book The Divine Conspiracy. This excellent book works through the Sermon on the Mount as it applies to the Kingdom of God and our lives as Christians. If you don't have it, get it and read it. 

We have been here for about 6 weeks. I came with one suitcase for various reasons. This means we had one outfit to wear, one outfit in the wash, and one extra, or half of one. However, I did not figure on how much wear the clothes would come under being washed every other or every third day for a total of two months. Neither did I bring enough clothes for my growing baby, so he is really skinny on the wardrobe right now. However, we only have two weeks left and there are plenty of clothes at home. I know this, so I do not worry about how we look. As I left the Pharmacy today I realized that all of this information is not plastered on my forehead. The cashier probably had much different thoughts as she helped me in my worn and stained yoga pants (my only clean ones today) and X in his shirt and diaper combo (because it is hot and I do not have hot weather clothes for him). She probably thought that we were poor, or possibly that I was a bad mother who wouldn't even dress my baby correctly. Maybe she didn't think of us at all (likely). But it did help me see one reason why we should not condemn people or hold them in contempt. In all reality there is a plausible and acceptable explanation for what may appear to someone as "low" or "less than" behavior or situations. This was a wonderful way to have the idea of love instead of contempt sink deeper into my being.